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I am honored to be endorsed by
Texans for Toll-free Highways.


Texas lawmakers have been lying to us for years.  They said that when the road was paid for the toll would come off. 

Instead of keeping their promise, tolls have remained on Texas toll roads and a scheme called system financing has been implemented.  Once a road is paid for, the tolls are then used to build other toll roads causing toll road proliferation.  There are currently over 400 toll roads that are on auto pilot to be built across Texas.

Texans are now paying hundreds of dollars per month just to get back and forth to their places of employment.  They have a sense that they are being over-taxed, and the toll road system is fundamentally tyrannical.  Transportation tyranny is a pernicious practice that impacts a large portion of Texans and should cease in the Lone Star State. 

Claver believes that it should be Texas law that when the road is paid for the toll must come off.  He will file and work for the passage of legislation that will do just that.  The back of system financing needs to be snapped. 

Texas also dabbles in economic fascism.  It is now common for the state government to enter into public-private partnerships in which foreign companies are granted owner-operator status of some Texas toll roads.  The private company enjoys a debt coverage guarantee – if the toll road goes bankrupt, the Texas taxpayer is the one on the hook to satisfy the road’s outstanding debt.  The private company either makes a profit or escapes the pain of a failed venture.  State Highway 130 outside of Austin is the latest example of the transportation travesty. 

Claver believes that it should be Texas law that no Texas toll roads can be owned and/or operated by foreign companies.

The typical and expected questions from Texans is if toll roads are shut down, how will transportation infrastructure be paid for? Claver believes two essential actions must be taken.

Claver will work to see diversions from the fuel tax are discontinued.  20% of what Texans pay at the pump is siphoned off to help pay for education.  All of the fuel tax should be earmarked for transportation infrastructure.

Claver will work to see that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is audited on a regular schedule.  TxDOT has never been audited and it is common knowledge in Austin that the agency is not able to account for billions of dollars per annum.  Texas lawmakers and the agency leaders claim that TxDOT is “too big” to be audited.

Claver believes it should be Texas law that TxDOT be audited on a regular schedule.  Claver suggests that the audit spacing conversation should begin with a 4-year mandate.

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