PRESS RELEASE — Kamau-Imani: Flynn Should Withdraw from HD138 Race Immediately (VIDEO)

January 13, 2020
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January 13, 2020


Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani, Republican candidate for Texas House of Representatives HD138, issues this statement following the mediation of the Josh Flynn lawsuit against the Harris County Republican Party and HCRP Chairman Paul Simpson:

“Candidate Josh Flynn should immediately withdraw from the HD138 race. Any possibility of Mr. Flynn winning this race endangers the prospect of winning the November election for Republican voters.  Less than two months from election day, if voters don’t know if Mr. Flynn is eligible or not, then he’s already ineligible for their vote.

“Mr. Flynn’s reckless mistakes in filing for this race have thrown it into chaos.  The voters don’t know if he’s eligible, or not.  His opponents in this race don’t know if he’s eligible, or not.  And, the Democrats wait in the wings to sue him if he wins this primary, to get him off the ballot for the general.  This would effectively flip the seat without a single voter going to the ballot box. A vote for Mr. Flynn is dangerous, especially with the Texas House majority on the line.

“Mr. Flynn is a good man. He’s an asset to our community and the party.  However, it’s obvious that he is making these decisions and pursing this destructive path because he’s blinded by ambition. For the good of Texas, this district and the party, he should now retire from the contest.”

This statement was tweeted by reporter Holly Hansen of the The Texan on January 10 at 7:13 p.m.:

“As Harris County Republican Party Chair, I must protect the integrity of the ballot and ensure all candidates are eligible. After other candidates challenged Josh Flynn’s candidacy, I ruled that Mr. Flynn was ineligible to run in the Republican primary for State Representative of Texas House District 138. My ruling followed Texas law and was made after we cleared it with the Texas Secretary of State’s office. Today, Mr. Flynn agreed that my ruling of his ineligibility still stands through the March primary election. However, as Texas law also requires, we agreed that Mr. Flynn’s name will remain on the primary ballot, even though he is ineligible to run.” – Paul Simpson, County Chair, Harris County Republican Party


“We’ve left Mr. Flynn on the ballot because the law requires us to do so, but unless a judge rules otherwise, he’s still ineligible.” – Trey Trainor, nominated by President Trump to the Federal Election Commission and represents Harris County Republican Party as outside legal counsel

During the HD138 candidates’ forum hosted by Republican precinct chairs on January 12, Flynn stated that he disagrees with the statement from Simpson and Trainor, and that he is indeed eligible to run for state representative.  These are Mr. Flynn’s comments on video.

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