On Live Radio Claver Says Thanks to Trump for Attracting Black Voters (AUDIO)

January 14, 2020
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One of the greatest advantages Claver has over all his opponents for the HD138 seat, Republican or Democrat, is his media savvy.  Local, state, and national media recognize his name and often call on Claver to contribute to the conversation on pertinent issues.  Claver uses these opportunities to advance conservative principles and promote the GOP.

Claver is nationally known for his work to attract black voters to the GOP.  Thus, when the polling numbers begin to show that President Trump is vacuuming black voters away from the Democrat Party, the local media wished to know what Claver’s thoughts are on the dynamic.

On Houston’s number one radio station, KTRH 740AM, Claver thanked President Trump for being so successful in raising his black approval numbers and speaks to the potential for GOP unexpected victories because of it.


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