Kay Smith: The Truth of How Josh Flynn Betrayed Republicans (VIDEO)

January 31, 2020
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Kay Smith is a former Harris County Department of Education Trustee. When she saw the actions of Josh Flynn, candidate for Texas House District 138, and how he surrendered power of the HCDE to Democrats for the first time in 60 years, she had to speak out.

Flynn had ample opportunity to take care of business and leave the HCDE in the good hands of the Republicans.  Yet, less than a year after being sworn in as president of the board, Flynn quit complaining he couldn’t get anything done. The big irony is that the Democrat that was defeated in Flynn’s 2018 election is now sitting in the seat that he vacated.

Flynn’s actions were reckless and needless. He has enraged many Republicans in the Harris County because the HCDE was the last governing body in the county that was controlled by the GOP.  The power flip was completed without a single voter going to the polls.  Flynn was motivated by political ambition. He did it to run in the HD138 race and turned everything into a flaming dumpster fire.

Kay Smith is endorsing Claver.

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