I Will Protect The Alamo And The Cenotaph

February 5, 2020
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Texas is under attack from cultural marxists. The Alamo has become “ground zero” in the war for the heart and soul of Texas. I am unequivocally and unapologetically opposed to the removal, relocation, and potential destruction of the Alamo Cenotaph. 

When it comes to protecting the Alamo, and our Texas history, the Texas Legislature has been a total failure. Legislation filed in the last session would have ensured that future generations will know our heritage of liberty and sacrifice. However, that legislation was a victim of the same political shell games that we see every two years in Austin leaving the Alamo’s fate in the hands of the General Land Office and the City of San Antonio.

Because of this failure to do what every Texan knows is right, the Reimagine The Alamo plan is moving forward unabated and the Alamo Cenotaph, the ‘empty tomb’ for the Alamo Defenders, is slated for removal and relocation. This could potentially damage the fragile monument beyond repair, effectively destroying it. This is in addition to the massive changes that are proposed for the entire Alamo site. All of this is being done outside of any legislative oversight or accountability.

The Alamo doesn’t belong to the City of San Antonio or the General Land Office. The Alamo is a symbol and sacred site for all of Texas. Therefore, when elected as your State Representative, I am pledging to file and fight for legislation that will remove the management of the Alamo from the General Land Office and place the entirety of the Alamo under direct oversight of the Texas Legislature.

We need a legislator from House District 138 that will fight for you, for our history, and for the Alamo. I will file and support any and all legislation that will stop the destruction of monuments and memorials to our Texas heritage and history.


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