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I am honored to be endorsed by
Texas Right to Life.


It has been made clear by the largest voting-block in Texas, the Republican base, that it is their desire to see the evil practice of abortion ended in the state.  They have made this clear with no regard for the possible legal ramifications that may result.

Texans want their representatives to take a stand, be willing to suffer the consequences, and dare the powers that be to deny the people of Texas their wish to cease the senseless murder of Texas babies, and the genocide of the community of color being achieved for profits by the abortion industry.


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Until all forms of property taxes are outlawed in Texas, there is no private property in Texas.  As conditions are today, every piece of Texas real estate is under the ownership of the government.

After citizens of Texas have dutifully satisfied their obligations of a mortgage, Texas government entities still have the power to strip their homes away from their possession because of being in arrears on their property tax invoice.

Until all forms of property taxes are outlawed in Texas, all Texans – whether a renter, or homeowner – are merely tenants of our very own government.


For FY2019 approximately 1.2 million illegal aliens have criminally crossed into Texas via the five border sectors of the state.  This can only be described as an invasion.

The purpose of invasion is conquest – to control the government, economy, and culture of the conquered.  This is what is happening in Texas, now, and for many decades. It’s time for the invasion to be crushed.

The border invasion has caused damage to our economy, put undue pressure on government resources, hamstrung law enforcement, and created a sense of unfairness within society. Yet, Washington has failed to reduce the invasion numbers and Austin has essentially ignored the crisis.

Austin has boasted of appropriating $2 billion per budget for border security.  This is equal to .5% of total Texas governmental on-the-book expenditures, meaning that the current occupants of the Capitol and Governor’s Mansion have no interest in solving the crisis.  They have not removed the magnets from our society and economy that fuel the invasion. And, they have shown no inclination to change their attitude toward the crisis.


The first line of defense of every human being is themselves.  When seconds count, the police are minutes away. We are biblically charged with defending ourselves.

There is no other right granted to us by our Creator, as enumerated in the United States Bill of Rights, that requires a “license”.  Yet, for an unfathomable reason, the fundamental right to defend ourselves from tyrannical government and the criminal element requires governmental permission (a permit) to exercise.

The citizens of Texas have expressed their disapproval of the hindrances that have been erected by the federal and state governments to be able to possess firearms and trade in firearms.  All current hindrances should be abolished, and the illogical proposals for more hindrances should be wholly rejected.

I am honored to be endorsed by
Texans for Toll-free Highways.


Texas lawmakers have been lying to us for years.  They said that when the road was paid for the toll would come off. 

Instead of keeping their promise, tolls have remained on Texas toll roads and a scheme called system financing has been implemented.  Once a road is paid for, the tolls are then used to build other toll roads causing toll road proliferation.  There are currently over 400 toll roads that are on auto pilot to be built across Texas.

Texans are now paying hundreds of dollars per month just to get back and forth to their places of employment.  They have a sense that they are being over-taxed, and the toll road system is fundamentally tyrannical.  Transportation tyranny is a pernicious practice that impacts a large portion of Texans and should cease in the Lone Star State.  READ MORE


The neo-morality movement is a stain on Texas society.  It has resulted in unprecedented attacks on individual religious freedom, and church sovereignty by local governments and the Education Industrial Complex.  It is an attempt to overturn social norms that have been accepted and in place for millennia.

Forcing private citizens, religious institutions, or private enterprises to defy their sincerely-held faith beliefs under the threat of prosecution is intolerable.  The condition should be to the contrary. Any entity that attempts to abridge individual and institutional religious freedom should be subject to legal jeopardy.


To advance a conservative legislative agenda, the Texas House of Representatives must elect a conservative Speaker of the House. The 2021 Texas Legislative Session is the time to do it.

For 12 years conservatives of the Republican Party of Texas have been frustrated by the lack of achievement from their representatives. The purposeful resistance to their will began in 2009 with the election of Joe Straus as Speaker and continued through the 2019 session with Dennis Bonnen as Speaker. 

Perhaps the most egregious violation of the majority’s will by Straus and Bonnen was the practice of appointing committee chairmanships to Democrats. They maintained a quota of one-third of chairmanships set aside for Democrats with some committees standing with a Democrat chair and vice-chair. These Democrat chairs were critical in thwarting the will of the majority in Texas. 

To reverse the traditional practices of the Texas House of Representatives that has put the government at odds with the governed, I will only vote for a legitimately conservative candidate for Texas Speaker of the House.

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